Traditional marketing principles still apply to effective digital marketing.

Understand your audience. Understand their interest. Reach them where they are. Reach them in a variety of interesting ways. These are basic marketing truths that apply no matter what channel you are using…online or offline. Today’s customer journey is as varied and winding as the many verticals of business we work with, so our approach uses the many digital tools available and finds the best mix and strategy for each individual client’s need.

We believe that there has been an evolution in how consumers choose the products and services they buy and that broadcasting memorable and meaningful messages together with effective one to one, digital marketing efforts will help local business grow.

our Marketing Perspective

  • We have observed a few constants in consumer behavior and can point to an ever-growing pool of data to support these ideas.
  • There is a path every consumer will likely follow as they make purchase decisions. (Pre-market, researching, contacting, purchasing, advocating). It is likely that every consumer passes through each touchpoint on the path at least once during a purchase decision.
  • Consumers use mobile in a more pervasive way than ever before; however, the desktop is not dead yet.
  • Consumers are likely to do their research in very personalized ways. They use different tools at different times, rely more or less heavily on different resources, spend more or less time doing research, advocate at different levels, and move through the stages more like a cycle than a line (returning and visiting different stages in a seemingly haphazard way).
  • Finally, online search has become ubiquitous in the consumer’s life.
  • We apply theses constants to a digital funnel model we apply to all of our client cases.

Purchase Decision Journey


our Tools

SummitMedia Digital works with all client types ranging from large corporations and universities to local service companies and has an excellent track record of success across each of these industries. We focus on developing online strategy first and then plan, place and optimize digital campaigns.

We use all the tools available to find the right solution for effective online marketing.

to Improve Presence

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Listing and Reputation Management
  • Content Development

to Reach the Right Audience

  • Multi-Channel Retargeting
  • Intent Based Search Marketing
  • Multi-Screen Display Delivery
  • Multi-Media Social Ad Delivery
  • Device Agnostic Video Delivery
  • IP Address Targeting
  • Native Ad Delivery
  • Out-Stream Ad Delivery
  • OTT Video Delivery

to Optimize Performance

  • Custom Reporting Dashboard
  • Google Analytics
  • Landing Page Design and Iteration
  • Creative Development and Testing
  • Call Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking