The key to success in digital is commitment to constant improvement and willingness to learn from failures.

Every business has different goals. But they all want to generate more revenue. The challenge with digital marketing is that there is not one universal benchmark for success. For the many different businesses we work with, there are an equal variety of marketing messages, calls to action, and business circumstances.

The SummitMedia Digital advantage can be attributed to our distinguishing characteristics. While other agencies may have some of the same values, very few have all of our characteristics under one roof.

our Distinguishing Characteristics

Proven Track Record

We manage millions of dollars in display, search, social and mobile advertising on a local, statewide, and national level for a wide variety of industry categories. We have developed a specific expertise in many verticals based on our experience running campaigns over several years, as well as shared knowledge of consumer behavior across categories. Due to our commitment to partnerships, we have developed deep relationships with our ad platforms and partners, providing us related experience across hundreds of additional programs across the country and first access to emerging technology and tools.

Platform Agnostic Approach

We run and optimize campaigns directly through major online inventory sources. We also recognize that these major providers only access a portion of the online inventory and not all platforms provide the same level of targeting, reporting transparency, or performance. We utilize other niche best in breed providers, as well as other lesser known platforms in order to bring the best solutions to our clients. We leverage our scale to bring top caliber technologies to local markets and because of our experience, we know where the pitfalls lie.

Expertise in Tracking and Testing

Optimizations, tests, and experiments in digital programs are not a suggestion; they are an imperative. We are experts in landing page testing. We have run and optimized hundreds of landing pages with countless variants to ensure our clients’ success quickly and efficiently. One of the cornerstones of our approach is our commitment to reporting. From phone call outcome analysis to campaign level reporting, we are focused on identifying the outcome of our client’s media spend. We believe in using best in breed technology tools to aid human engagement.

Platform Expertise

Digital media is filled with “new” and “fancy” tools. We encourage our team and our clients to explore the cutting edge to fit their marketing needs. But we first seek to understand the nuances and true capabilities of a tool before fully committing. We don’t allow computers to act on their own. So much of the digital landscape is out of control because algorithms and programmatic “black boxes” are making decisions that a human should make.

Brand Safety

We go the extra mile to ensure brand safety by using white lists instead of black lists. We do our best to target humans. We consider ad environment and user experience and find and report the metrics that matter.