Our Story
“We believe traditional media companies are in the best position to provide top notch digital solutions to local markets.” -US

Traditional media companies, especially radio broadcasters, have been in the business of understanding consumer behavior, marketing tactics, creative messaging, and local business ROI. That puts SummitMedia Digital in the perfect position to incorporate strong digital marketing expertise into a culture that already priorities client success and strong marketing principles.

Our digital team is built with digital strategy expertise… Google certified experts in search, display, video, ecommerce, and mobile experts. We have website design experts, and conversion optimization specialists. We also have copy-writers and creative types with decades of experience putting together successful campaigns and developing meaning client stories. We also have our share of innovative, critical thinking up and coming talent.

With offices in 6 markets across the east coast and in Hawaii, our operations are both local in presence and national in capability.

We’ve built our experience in digital marketing working with clients across all verticals. While we don’t consider ourselves specialists in any one industry, we have considerable experience in Automotive, Higher Education, Tourism, Local Services, Medical, Finance, Issue Advocacy and Real Estate.

Reach out to one of our local teams to schedule a consultation on your digital marketing needs.